Before you begin

Before you start building your employment contract, answer these questions to make sure the tool is suitable for you, and that you have the information you will need to complete it.

If you operate in more than one state, select your main business location.

Do you have an incorporated business?

Two different industrial relations systems operate in Western Australia. Depending on your business type, you may be under the state system or the national fair work system. There are different employment rights and obligations under each.
Do you have an incorporated business?

Select business type

This tool is not suitable for your business

It looks like your business operates under the WA industrial relations system, which has different employment rights and obligations. This tool is only suitable for businesses under the national fair work system.

Check Who is in the WA state system for more information on which businesses are covered under the WA industrial relations system.

Incorporated businesses

Incorporated business have 'Pty Ltd' or 'Ltd' in their business name. If you're not sure about your business type, search the ABN Lookup tool for your registered business name.

Know your award

As you work through the tool, you'll be asked to add details about your employee's terms and conditions. It's important that you provide the right entitlements from the correct award for your employee. If you don't, you could face large penalties and may have to back pay your employee.

Details you will need to provide based on the award include:

  • base pay
  • hours per week - if they're part-time or full-time
  • how often you must pay your employee
  • days and times they'll work - if they're part-time or full-time.

As you work through the tool, we will guide you through the minimum pay and conditions you are required to provide from your award.

If you're not sure what award applies to your employees, use the Fair Work Ombudsman's Find my award

I know which award and classification level

Prepare a position description

You'll be asked to enter the employee's duties and responsibilities within the tool, or you can attach a position description to your final contract when you give it to them.

If you provided a position (or job) description during your recruitment process, you can use this. If you don't have a position description yet, you can download the job description template from the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

I have a prepared position description

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